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We’re excited to welcome Yuan Han Li and Shishi Feng to the Blockchain Capital team! Both Shishi Feng and Yuan Han Li joined Blockchain Capital through the Research Scholar program, where they excelled in their roles, and are now joining us full-time on our investment team.

Shishi joins us from UC Berkeley where she most recently completed her degree in Data Science. As a member of the research team, Shishi spent time digging into data-related questions and analyzing core defi concepts. Her ability to take complex topics and boil them down into synthesized insights shone through our experience working together.

Yuan joins us from Penn where he served as co-president of Penn Blockchain. From day one, it was clear Yuan had a strong understanding of governance nuances and how they interplay with the growing protocol DAO landscape. As a research scholar, Yuan dove into treasury diversification, producing a seminal piece of research. Yuan is an active community member, drafting governance proposals and contributing to LlamaDAO.

At Blockchain Capital, Shishi and Yuan will help build our data-driven insights that are used to support investment decisions, in addition to investment sourcing and diligence. Both Shishi and Yuan have shown us their curiosity, analytical nature, and entrepreneurial mindset, which we’ve come to admire across the team. We’re excited to have them join us!

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