Announcing Five Promotions Across the Firm

Denise Schaefer
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Internal news

We are pleased to announce the promotions of five of our dedicated team members. We have elevated investors Ryan Sproule and Yuan Han Li to the position of Principal, Sterling Campbell to Senior Associate and Anay Simunovic to Senior Analyst; while Scott Hall, on the Platform team, has been promoted to Senior Platform Analyst. 

"At Blockchain Capital, our primary focus remains on nurturing and investing in our exceptional talent. Each team member brings a unique domain expertise, adding tremendous value to our firm,” said Bart Stephens, Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital. “Our commitment to excellence is reflected not just in our steadfast support for founders and their teams, but also in our dedication to the continuous development and empowerment of our team.”

Ryan Sproule to Principal Research Engineer 

Ryan joined BCAP in 2021 as a Research Engineer. In his new role as Principal, he will lead the investment team around core investment technical theses, sit on portfolio companies’ Board of Directors, and assume a more senior role within the investment team. He will continue working alongside portfolio companies on developing open source software and their technical strategies.

Yuan Han Li to Principal

Yuan joined BCAP in 2021 as a Research Scholar. Yuan’s primary focus is orienting the team around core investment theses that he has developed and shepherded, as well as making investment decisions. With his promotion to Principal, he will now mentor some of the more junior members of the investment team and play a key role in setting the firm’s research agenda. 

Sterling Campbell to Senior Associate

Sterling joined BCAP in early 2022 as an Associate. With his promotion to Senior Associate, Sterling will continue to play a key role in consumer investments at the firm, while now supporting portfolio companies more closely and conducting diligence on new opportunities to present to the investment team.

Anay Simunovic to Senior Analyst

Anay joined BCAP in 2022 as an Analyst to conduct investment diligence, focusing largely on the intersection of consumer and crypto. With her promotion to Senior Analyst, she will continue to source investment opportunities and will now be spending time developing investment theses and supporting existing portfolio companies more closely.

Scott Hall to Senior Platform Analyst

Scott joined BCAP in 2022 as a Platform Analyst. Scott's primary focus is guiding portfolio companies in securing top-tier service partnerships and talent acquisition. With his new role, Scott will now play a pivotal part in the development of BCAP Build strategies. He will also contribute to the investment team by facilitating data-driven decision-making and supporting the operations team.

As we continue to evolve and grow, we know that our team's diverse talents and steadfast dedication are the driving forces behind our success. We look forward to seeing these outstanding individuals excel in their new roles, while contributing significantly to the firm's ongoing mission to provide unwavering support to our founders and their teams.

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