Doubling Up While Doubling Down - Announcing our Latest Funds

Spencer Bogart
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At Blockchain Capital, we are committed to leading the global transition to decentralized, blockchain-based systems. Guided by a commitment to the principles of open source innovation, credible neutrality, and censorship resistance, our dedication is both deep-rooted and forward-thinking. 

Today, we are excited to announce the closing of two new funds – our sixth early stage fund and first opportunity fund. Together they total $580 million and serve to reinforce our commitment to these long held principles. 

We are especially grateful to have achieved the largest fundraise in our ten year history during this bear market, as it reflects our investors' trust in our long-term perspective and experience. 

Indeed, the crypto market’s volatility these past 20 months revealed the hazards of short-term thinking, exposing many who misjudged this nascent technology. Instead of recognizing the quieter, fundamental indicators of long-term value creation, investors often misjudge innovation’s tempo and play ahead of the beat.

Remember, it took 35 years from ARPANET to the founding of Netscape, arguably the first internet unicorn, in 1994. And, much like the Dot-com bust that followed, the late 1990s were punctuated by too many investors expecting too much from a nascent technology.   

And like the growth of the internet – slowly, then all at once – the rhythm of innovation follows its own beat, often thriving in face of tough economic times.

At Blockchain Capital, our story is quite contrarian.

Over the past 20 months we’ve invested more capital into the next generation of innovators than any other time in our history. The reason is simple: today’s market offers unprecedented opportunities, driven by an influx of highly skilled founders who are developing a diverse range of innovative technologies

During this period, we've selectively invested into Infrastructure, Gaming, DeFi and Consumer + Social sectors.

However, our strategy isn't about sectors; it's about harnessing blockchain technology to realign incentives, reestablish user trust and reengineer the social contract of our increasingly digital world.

The end game is to elevate personal empowerment by granting individuals control over their digital and financial lives through innovative blockchain-enabled applications and services. It’s this vision of a democratized and distributed future that guides our passion and investment decisions. 

Altogether, this is why we are more than just financial contributors; we are committed builders, advocates and partners to the innovators making this future a reality.  By continuously engaging with leading founders, developers, policy makers and researchers, we look forward to identifying and nurturing the next wave of breakthrough innovations. 

We extend our profound gratitude to our partners and the wider crypto community for their unwavering trust in our shared mission. To the visionaries radically transforming the future of distributed technology, we share your passion and invite you to reach out. 

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