Announcing The Promotion of Denise Schaefer to Marketing Director

Tony Schmidt
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We are proud to announce the promotion of Denise Schaefer to Marketing Director.  Denise will continue to lead our firmwide marketing efforts across brand strategy, content and portfolio engagements. 

In only eight months, Denise has achieved tremendous success as Marketing Manager, spearheading the development of a firmwide marketing strategy targeting our brand, content and portfolio engagement objectives. Her accomplishments include leading a brand refresh, cultivating new portfolio company relationships, and amplifying thought leadership and enhancing content strategies across the firm.

“Denise has been indispensable in developing our marketing strategy from the ground up over the past year - from driving our rebrand to working closely with our portfolio. We are thrilled to have her take our marketing efforts to the next level as she steps into the Marketing Director role.” said Kinjal Shah, General Partner of Blockchain Capital. 

Alan Curtis, Head of Platform, added "Denise consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment to our firm's success, backed by an exceptional work ethic and a meticulous attention to detail."

Prior to joining Blockchain Capital, Denise founded and served as CEO of Surge, an organization that educates and onboards women and newcomers to crypto. At Surge, Denise developed the marketing, partnerships and content strategies, which helped the company scale its educational technology enterprise and consumer-facing token business to over 35,000 users. She now sits on their board.

We are thrilled to see the next chapters unfold as Denise continues to elevate the brand to new heights.

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