The Next Block: Introducing BCAP Build

Denise Schaefer
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In 2013, we started the first venture capital fund dedicated to crypto builders. Now, we have almost $2 billion in assets under management and are actively investing out of our sixth multi-stage fund. Our value prop is simple - we leverage our industry experience, conduct diligent research, and always put our founders and their teams first. 

Armed with a decade of experience on the crypto frontier, we’re doubling down on post-investment support. We’re thrilled to unveil our rebrand and new program, Build. 


Great companies are built by teams. The term "builders" embodies not just founders, but their entire teams, who play a crucial role in a company’s growth and success. As crypto pioneers, we understand the challenges that early teams face and are committed to providing practical guidance and support. Our rebrand is more than just a visual identity update; it's a reflection of our unwavering commitment to our founders and their teams.

BCAP Build 

We’ve distilled our post-investment support into three pillars:

  1. Talent:
  • We coach founders to help them scale as leaders and managers
  • We help create a talent strategy to attract and retain world-class talent
  1. Go-to-Market:
  • We help create and execute a GTM strategy (tokenomics, PR, partnerships, etc.)
  • We leverage our engineering, marketing, and regulatory teams for hands-on support
  1. Partner Network:
  • We maintain a comprehensive network of industry-leading service providers
  • We run company-building workshops with our partners
BCAP through the years

Our rebrand and the introduction of BCAP Build reflects our commitment to adapt and evolve alongside our founders in our rapidly changing ecosystem. As we embark on this new chapter with our partners, we are excited to continue building the next generation of groundbreaking companies. Ten years later, our mission remains the same: Partner with crypto builders.

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