Jonah Burian

Senior Analyst

Jonah Burian is a Senior Analyst at Blockchain Capital. He joined the firm in May of 2023. Jonah focuses on research and exploring new investment opportunities at the bleeding edges of crypto.

Prior to joining Blockchain Capital, he was a Director at Penn Blockchain and played a key role in the formation of FranklinDAO, a university student-driven organization and governance delegate for various defi/infrastructure protocols.

As a Software Engineering Intern at Bloomberg L.P., Jonah developed a pricing engine for low-liquidity cryptocurrency. At Mipasa, a Tel Aviv-based data science company, Jonah served as a Software Team Lead and Quality Assurance Lead. He also performed research at The Wharton Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance and interned at Maritime Capital LLC where he built ML algorithms to aid the firm's municipal bond trading.

Jonah graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, where he earned a dual major in NETS—a unique blend of Computer Science & Systems Engineering—and Economics, and a minor in Mathematics.

In his personal time, Jonah is an Acquire board-game enthusiast, who loves organizing potlucks with friends and studying The Talmud.