Brittany Hart

Executive Assistant

Brittany Hart is an Executive Assistant at Blockchain Capital. She joined the firm in April of 2022. Brittany supports the Partners at Blockchain Capital in order to ensure smooth operations and organization. She draws from over 8 years of experience in a supportive role spanning early age startups to Fortune 500 companies, such as Intel.

Prior to joining Blockchain Capital, Brittany founded two sustainable clothing brands where she played an integral role in the brand’s creative direction and growth. Previously, Brittany worked in film & television where her efforts were focused on strategic production planning and fundraising initiatives. She now brings that experience to the complex and ever-evolving world of blockchain.

Brittany earned her B.A in Political Science at Fordham University in New York, as well as her B.A. in International Relations at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In her free time, Brittany enjoys the outdoors, ballet dancing and live music.



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