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We've benefited tremendously from Aleks' and Bart's guidance and support. They know the market inside and out, always provide unique perspectives, and have been instrumental in helping us secure the right people for our team.”
- Alex Gluchowski
CEO of Matter Labs
The fantastic team at Blockchain Capital has been there for us through a complex funding environment and every step of the way post-close. I'm thrilled to partner with them through the next phase of RISC Zero's story.”
- Brian Retford
CEO of Risc Zero
We couldn't have asked for a better investor and board member than Bart. Blockchain Capital deeply understands the crypto ecosystem and their strategic guidance has been instrumental to our success.”
- Diogo Monica
Founder of Anchorage
BCAP has been one of our most impactful investors. They know crypto better than anyone given their history, focus and long-term orientation. Their team has been an invaluable sounding board as we evolved towards product-market fit. They also made key introductions to customers that were pivotal in our growth story.”
- Esteban Castaño
BCAP has been an invaluable, high-conviction, proactive partner who is completely aligned with our company vision. They have helped us make critical hires, used and evangelized our product, contributed to building our ecosystem and advised on strategic decisions. We’re more than fortunate to work with BCAP to bring the EigenLayer vision to reality.”
- Sreeram Kannan
CEO of EigenLayer
From our very first meeting, it was apparent that BCAP's deep expertise, resources and industry relationships positioned them as a high impact partner. Their belief in TFH's mission has been instrumental in enabling us to scale the technology and systems supporting the Worldcoin project as it aims to provide universal access to the global economy."
- Alex Blania
CEO of Tools for Humanity, Worldcoin