Modular Cloud: Navigating the Modular Blockchain Landscape

Yuan Han Li
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The future of blockchain technology looks increasingly modular. As with the history of technology in general, architectures where different layers of the stack specialize in different domains, tend to outcompete monolithic architectures during periods of rapid innovation. The blockchain space is no different—unbundling execution, settlement, and data availability sidesteps famed “scalability trilemma.” Specialization, or modular blockchains, could potentially lead to substantial gains in performance and efficiency without sacrificing decentralization.

Along similar lines, many application level developers chose to forgo developing their apps as smart contracts in favor of deploying them as application-specific monolithic blockchains — whether to more easily capture the MEV generated by their users or better customize their execution environments. This is due to the fact that building app-specific rollups has been challenging for developers who are not highly sophisticated.

In contrast, the Cosmos Software Developer Kit (SDK) and similar tools make it easier to deploy and customize traditional monolithic blockchains compared to rollups. However, the imminent proliferation of high-quality rollup SDKs, and better interoperability solutions, will soon make it easier than ever for application developers to embrace the new modular blockchain paradigm and deploy app-specific rollups.

If modular blockchains are the future, then the current infrastructure built for monolithic blockchain architectures is insufficient. Put simply, a plethora of interdependent execution, settlement, and data availability layers requires novel indexing and block explorer infrastructure capable of handling the ecosystem’s complexities. This is LZRS’ core insight and what spurred him to found Modular Cloud.

Modular Cloud’s cutting-edge indexing and block explorer infrastructure is specifically designed for modular blockchains and will enable users to easily search, monitor, and analyze data on these networks, providing valuable insights into their performance and operations. In a future where modular blockchains are dominant, Modular Cloud’s infrastructure will be essential for ensuring the transparency, stability, and security of these networks.

LZRS first started working in crypto in 2017 at LBRY as an early full-stack engineer. Combined with LZRS’ crypto-nativity and specifically his deep understanding of the rapidly evolving modular blockchain landscape, is Tom Hsieh—Tom recently left AWS to join Modular Cloud as CTO/co-founder—whose deep cloud expertise will be indispensable as Modular Cloud looks to continue expanding its product offering and set itself apart.

Modular Cloud has already established partnerships with key players in the modular blockchain space, such as Dymension and Eclipse, and are actively working to expand their reach and impact. With a focus on delivering value to the many rollups, settlement layers, and data availability layers soon to launch, Modular Cloud is poised to become a leader in the blockchain cloud market.

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