Backing Superchain – The True Web3 Open Index Protocol

Kinjal Shah
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The current Web3 data stack is full of challenges. Data is fragmented across dozens of providers, most of whom are traditional hosted service providers. On-chain data is open by definition, and yet our service providers have recreated walled gardens with siloed data where users have limited control. Furthermore, we face an increasingly complex data landscape with high TPS blockchains , layer 2 solutions and greater cross-chain liquidity. Superchain aims to solve these problems with the fastest, most customizable decentralized indexing protocol.

Superchain has reimagined a data solution from its foundations—starting with the initial data sourced from the blockchain node. Rather than providing an aggregated data view, Superchain provides a stream of analytical data via consensus indexing at low-latencies. The data can be queried cheaper and faster than existing solutions on the market because of Superchain’s customized low level database that are optimized for blockchain data. Developers can engage directly with Superchain indices via an SDK for “on-the-wire” speeds rather than interacting with any presentation layers like REST or GraphQL.

In order to achieve high degrees of customization, Superchain utilizes toolboxes to create composable modules that can cater use cases like DeFi and gaming. Lastly—Superchain delivers this via an open and decentralized protocol, where the user has complete control and ownership of the data. Whether it’s financial data in DeFi or gaming data, Superchain is a comprehensive solution that caters a breadth of use cases.  

Founders, James Corbett and Max Legg, have demonstrated their strong commitment to ownership, decentralization, and excellence while building Superchain over the past year. We’re excited to partner with them as they deliver a true Open Index Data protocol to Web3.

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